Flex LED Floor Lamp: HoltKötter’s contemporary touch to modern lighting

Posted on 07 May 2018

With LED at the forefront of lighting design, it can be hard to pick the right fit for your space. Standing at about 5 feet with a brushed aluminum base, the Flex LED Floor Lamp by HoltKötter is a thin, flexible lamp that brings a contemporary feel to any room. Offered in a bold black, grey or a striking red, this lamp is a perfect addition to any modern space.

LED Flex Lamp

With a whopping 2000 lumens and 2700 Kelvin colour temperature, its powerful LED light is bright, but not sterile, providing a perfect light for your afternoon read or visits with friends and family. Best suited in a room that features other pieces with a metallic finish, this floor lamp gives lots of light without taking up too much space. If you like more intimate lighting, this versatile lamp has a dimmer on the stem making it easy to create the atmosphere you want. Whether it’s an intimate evening or bright morning, this lamp can suit any setting.

The benefits of LEDs are endless, which explains their increasing popularity among professional and amateur designers. Their low power consumption, adjustable lighting to match the mood of the room and its ability to integrate in with any fixtures has made LED a hot pick for interior design.

From statement pieces to more modest fixtures, our team continues to expand our collection of LED lights. In store and online, there are plenty of options like the Flex LED Floor Lamp to help reinvent your next space.

Also available in a table or desk version and down from its regular price of $1,169.00, this HoltKötter lamp is now on sale at $998.00 in our showroom.

Stop by our store today and find out how you can add this lamp to your next project. We’re always happy to help you create your vision.

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