Top 5 Lighting Trends of 2018

Posted on 16 April 2018

2018 has been an exciting year for lighting and interior design. With retro-modern and industrial styles inspiring this year’s trends, lighting has become less about illumination and more about inspiration and imagination. Whether it’s a dynamic centrepiece with defined edges and interesting patterns over your kitchen table, or futuristic pieces of art with LED integration, 2018 is full of trends that excite any space.

Here are some of our favourite trends that are lighting up the design world:




Minimal. Bold. Spacious.

The linear look is a beautiful addition that brings simplicity and sophistication to any room. From kitchens to office spaces, long, linear lighting adds a bold focal point to a space without overwhelming the overall interior design.



Subtle. Balanced. Bright.

A sigh of relief when friends and family enter your space, LED transforms a dark house into a bright, welcoming home. With LED integration, your fixture isn’t just for lighting the room, it’s an intriguing piece of art to engage visitors. 



Defined. Statement. Trendy.

Intersecting, thin, rectangular shapes create an eye-catching centrepiece for any room. Dining rooms to corporate lobbies, edged fixtures are powerful statement that can stand on its own in a room. Make a statement in your next space with one of these dynamic pieces.


TECH Akova

Eclectic. Feature. Accent.

While most of the year’s trends are meant to strike the viewer’s eye and provide a simple, modern appeal, one trend is blending past styles with the present. Unpolished gold accents incorporate your fixtures in with the rest of your room. A subtle accent that, unlike other trends this year, focuses on one main focal point of the room like your kitchen island or bathroom vanity.


led plaster

Artistic. Refined. Innovative.

Lighting is changing the world of interior design. Crown moulding, shapes and patterns flush with your walls, the possibilities are endless with this innovative way to light your room. This artsy revolution is sure to inspire your next space.

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