Plaster-in LED: The Future of LED Lighting

Posted on 15 May 2018

Whether it’s first thing in the morning or after a long day of work, when your lights come on you want to feel something. Before cleaning the house, you want bright light to spur your motivation. After a fun night with friends, you want to feel relaxed and able to unwind.

Lighting influences a room’s overall feeling

How a room is lit is an integral part to not only its design, but the feeling it invokes as well.

Dim, warm lights help a room feel more intimate and cozy. An open concept room using powerful, bright LEDs creates an open and energetic vibe. 

Whatever it is, with the right lighting, a room comes to life. It’s always important for your lighting to invoke the right feeling, while still reflecting your personality and vision. 

Challenge what lighting can do for your space 

Lighting should go beyond its traditional purpose of illuminating a space. Use lighting for personal expression, an artistic statement or a striking design element that ties in with a room’s theme.

From bulb types to fixtures, it has never been a better time to experiment with lighting design.

With the trend to incorporate fixtures into the overall interior design, there is a need for innovative ways to impress the eye without sacrificing the light’s practicality.

Bring in LED plaster-in lighting. A revolution in lighting, plaster-in LEDs are flush with the wall and offer endless opportunities to create intriguing patterns in any space.

For your next project experiment with lighting designs

With plaster-in LEDs you can ‘let the drywall be your canvas’. (

From simple parallels around the bath tub to intricate criss-cross patterns that invigorate office creativity, plaster-in LEDs are a trend changing how we light our spaces.

Some fixtures compete with other features. With Plaster-in LED, designers enjoy its ability to integrate with the room’s design without taking up space.

The brightness of the LED lights up the room, while the plaster-in feature is unobtrusive.

You can experiment with different designs that push the idea of tradition. What’s really exciting about LED Plaster-in lighting is the creative freedom for design. Plaster-in lights can be incorporated into almost any space.

Here are some of the many ways Plaster-in LED lighting has inspired different spaces:

Layers to a feature wall

Dynamic patterns on a grayscale backdrop

Simple corner focal point for the bathroom

Modern, futuristic touch to a trendy suite

A combination of plaster-in and suspension lighting to give dimension 

A frame for artwork in a study

An energetic zig-zag pattern used as a highlight in an otherwise plain setting


Tech vibe in a cozy T.V. room

Ambient overhead light for bedtime reading

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