Hubbardton Forge Finish Options

Indoor Finishes

  • -03 Mahogany, translucent
  • -05 Bronze, translucent
  • -07 Dark Smoke, translucent
  • -08 Burnished Steel, translucent
  • -10 Black, opaque
  • -20 Natural Iron, opaque
Hubbardton Forge Indoor Translucent Finishes

Hubbardton Forge Indoor Opaque Finishes

“The heating, hammering, and bending of metal
by our craftspeople create surface marks and
stresses that are the true signs of a one-of-a-kind,
hand-forging. We believe the finish should
enhance, not hide these marks of authenticity.
Our durable, translucent finishes provide a
unique window into the skilled hand of
the craftsman.”

Outdoor Finishes

  • -53 Hand-Rubbed Mahogany, translucent
  • -55 Hand-Rubbed Bronze, translucent
  • -57 Hand-Rubbed Dark Smoke, translucent
  • -58 Pewter, translucent
  • -10 Black, opaque
  • -20 Natural Iron, opaque
  • -13 Mahogany, opaque; available through 2/2014
  • -15 Bronze, opaque; available through 2/2014
  • -17 Dark Smoke, opaque; available through 2/2014
  • -18 Burnished Steel, opaque; available through 2/2014
Hubbardton Forge Outdoor Finishes

Hubbardton Forge Outdoor Finishes Available Through 2014-02

“Our new line of Hand-Rubbed outdoor finishes offer the look of an upscale, oil-
rubbed metal in a durable powder coated finish. Hand-Rubbed outdoor finishes
capture the character and surface variation of forged steel on an all-aluminum outdoor
fixtures. Each piece is individually hand-finished to highlight its unique form and
design. Hand-Rubbed finishes best match our Translucent indoor finishes for color
and hue, depth and richness.

Our Hand-rubbed finishes were researched and developed by our finish team and
are exclusive to Hubbardton Forge”